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Help for correcting bad habits and starting other good ones



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HabitBull - Habit Tracker is an app that supports you when you want to correct a bad habit that you have in your day to day life, or incorporate a good habit into your daily routine.

The app is very simple to use. From the options of the app, you can choose the type of habit that you want to add and establish a series of factors such as doing something a certain number of times more or less (smoke X number of cigarettes, do X number of push-ups, etc.) or simply stop or start doing another activity.

The objective of HabitBull - Habit Tracker is that when you look at the calendar, you'll see a consecutive chain of goals achieved, which will indicate that you are quitting your bad habit or successfully adding a new one into your routine. The red links in the calendar, however, will indicate that you've failed.

HabitBull - Habit Tracker is a useful tool for many different habits. Whether it's to quit biting your nails, start doing more exercise, or start drinking more water, in HabitBull - Habit Tracker, you've found a great support system.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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